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Empower any ground vehicle to navigate autonomously over any terrain, in any conditions, and for any operation with Overland AI.
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Safer, smarter autonomous systems for off-road terrain

Overland AI’s modular software product, OverDrive, is the most robust solution for autonomous navigation of unimproved roads and off-road terrain.
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Overland AI develops and delivers off-road autonomy for mission-critical sectors

We bring together commercial self-driving experts and autonomy researchers to deliver the most advanced off-road capabilities.
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Overland AI Awarded $18.6 M-ceiling Prototype OT to Develop Autonomous Navigation for U.S. Army’s Robotic Combat Vehicles

Two-year award to adapt OverDrive all-terrain autonomous vehicle technology for the Ground Vehicle’s Autonomous Pathways (GVAP) program

Overland AI is nominated for 'Innovation of the Year' at the 2023 GeekWire Awards

If there’s any doubt that 2023 is the Year of Artificial Intelligence, this should put it to rest.
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