Powerful Mission.
A Pioneering Team.


We are on the hunt for the best and brightest minds.

Are you in search of a formidable challenge? Join our elite technical team, composed of the finest talent from industry-leading self-driving companies, and top robotics laboratories.
Our Team
The Overland AI team
Our Team
The Overland AI team working on a vehicle

We start with the hardest problems first.

We stand at the vanguard of technology poised to transform ground defense, reconnaissance, surveillance, off-grid communication networks, search and rescue, and disaster management.


MS 01

Lead the Way

Our reputation as leaders in ground autonomy stems from consistently exceeding expectations and redefining the possible with every deployment.
MS 02

Dare Greatly

We take risks and lean into the hardest problems. We view failure as a step toward success.
MS 03

Stand in the Storm

Real innovation is tough, we expect challenges along the way. Through grit, determination, and adaptability, we find ways to persevere.
MS 04

Press the Advantage

We are always on offense. We don’t wait for tomorrow to accomplish what can be done today.
MS 05

Ride Together

No one’s job is done until the team’s job is done. We take full ownership in our shared mission.
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The crown jewel of the Pacific Northwest. A city nestled among snow-capped mountains and the expansive Puget Sound, offering endless outdoor activities, a thriving arts scene, and a hub for technological innovation and education.