Conquer any terrain, any condition,
in any vehicle

Deploy Overland AI's modular software stack, OverDrive, across a range of applications from enhanced out-of-cab remote control to full autonomy

Terrain Awareness

OverDrive interprets the surrounding terrain in real-time to understand its traversability using low-signature onboard sensors.
Long Range Planning

Autonomous Navigation for Miles

OverDrive enables an operator to reliably send or summon a vehicle to a location that is miles away with or without a map.
Intelligent Control

Expert Driving Behavior

OverDrive’s control algorithm keeps vehicles upright and moving at relevant speed.
Why Overland AI

Unleash new capabilities in rugged environments

Overland AI’s modular software product, OverDrive, is the most robust solution for autonomous navigation of unimproved roads and off-road terrain.

Passive-Only Sensing

  • Passive stereo cameras do not produce signature
  • Can sense terrain geometry to prevent roll-overs
  • Semantic segmentation detects terrain features including trails, vegetation, rocks, and holes
  • Predicts terrain traversability to support resilient navigation

Fast, Smooth Driving on Trails

  • Detects dirt roads, fire roads, double track, and trails
  • No need for maps or known road networks
  • Can be directed to stay on trail on way to next checkpoint
  • Fast, smooth traversal at speeds exceeding 30 mph

Obeys Simple Commands

  • Low cognitive load: no need to directly oversee behavior
  • Point-to-point navigation in unexplored terrain
  • Does not require predefined safety corridors, breadcrumb trails, or maps
  • Does not require constant comms during mission

Intelligent Maneuver

  • Can find narrow passages and maneuver through dense obstacle fields
  • Rapidly updates plans in dynamic environments
  • Finds safe trajectories through hilly terrain while limiting vehicle roll
  • Drives like a human

Self-recovery When Stuck

  • Enables resilient navigation by automatically recovering without human assistance
  • Detects when forward progress is no longer being made
  • Searches for alternative routes to goal
  • Executes complex maneurvers to escape from dead ends

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Two-year award to adapt OverDrive all-terrain autonomous vehicle technology for the Ground Vehicle’s Autonomous Pathways (GVAP) program

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